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The best thing about having a personal chef is the incredible personalised value you get for your money. You can design your own menu and watch it come to life before your own eyes.and consume fresh meals prepared from fresh ingredients and spices. At Chef It we offer state of the art cuisine experience that fits your lifestyle whether it’s a regular home cooked meal, vegetarian or vegan. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to eat outstanding healthy and freshly prepared meal whether it’s for your family or a large event, such as weddings or banquets. How about a small intimate dinner, why pay for it when you can Chef it from your home. We also offer top notch catering services. Why should you worry about it when you can just Chef it! We are based in metro Detroit area and you can also contact us through our booking form or our website at justchefit.com to learn more about our services.

Why choose our chefs

We recognise that every individual has their own taste and preference. Because of that, we are able to adopt techniques that suit your specifications such as “allergies”. We are trained in nutrition, we know that’s some guests might have certain diet restrictions, we want to meet that need. We not only cook freshly prepared meals, but we also offer a nutritional guide on the best healthy eating practices that you should follow. Healthy meals go a long way to ensure that you are satisfied, strong and happy. After all, if you are having a special event such as a wedding, the food is a very important part of that event. We want your guests to have the best eating experience. Your happiness is our goal at Chefit!!

Quality cooking services

We provide perfectly cooked and prepared meals by experienced chefs. Our meals can be stored in your fridge or freezer for a given period of time without turning bad. You might not have the time to cook, well don’t worry about it, Chef it! We are confident that healthy eating habits foster a healthy lifestyle, why order meal when you can have them cooked in your very own kitchen, if we cook a weeks worth of meals, we will also provide instruction on how to easily prepare them for service. Our experienced chefs exercise high standards of sanitation and technical know-how and are also good at preparing sumptuous meals that will without a doubt leave you wanting for more. Furthermore, we value feedback and look forward to having a professional and friendly relationship with you.

About me

My name is Elaine St. Clair, I was born and raised in Michigan. I have been working in the culinary industry since I graduated in 2005, I interned at the great Woodward Resturant in downtown Detroit. I have worked at DMC Sinai as I was working on my BA , to which I earned in 2012. Food is my passion, it drives me. I am sadden to see how it has become so devalued by this door to door service. You must handle food with care, keeping it at safe temperature, if not then bacteria grows and then it becomes unsafe. Don’t take chances with delivery services or untrained so called professionals. I’m working with a top catering company, we even service the Infinity and Ovation yachts. Let me work with you, let me Chef you and your needs. I look forward to meeting you. For more information please contact me.


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